Zombie Mode is the PvE (Players vs. Environment) game mode in CrossFire: Legends. It can be accessed via the "PVE" Icon at the center of the 4 basic game modes in the Lobby.

Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Players will team up and fight off zombies in an enclosed area, and sometimes they must travel through the map to reach the end goal - all zombie modes features Bosses, which must be defeated in order to win the round. Ammo stations are provided to let players refill their weapons' ammunition when they run low, and some maps feature Supply Stations where players can refill health, level up or buy Primary weapons to supply their friends.

If a player gets killed, they can wait for 20 seconds to be revived or spend a Revive Token to instant-revive and continue fighting (If no tokens are available, players have the option to pay 20 diamonds instead). To help surviving in critical situations, each player can carry 5 Med kids which instant-heals a large amount of HP when used, plus 2 RPG-7 that can be pulled out and shoot whenever they want.

Once a boss is defeated, players can claim rewards by flipping Reward Cards - the first one is free, the next 4 will use 2,4,8 and 16 diamonds respectively. The goal is to win rare weapons or fragments off the Gold Cards, but otherwise players can one card free for each boss.

List of Zombie Modes[edit | edit source]

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