Warden City is a Sniper Only map in CrossFire: Legends.

This map is known as Prison in the PC version.

Story[edit | edit source]

What appears to be a deserted island is actually a prison facility for high profile terrorists. One of them is a top Black List leaders, mastermind of a massive terrorist attack which resulted about 1,200 dead in a Greek festival.

This retaliation started because Greece refused to provide them a hideout in exchange of their financial support. But even on the brink of bankruptcy, they will obviously never condone any kind of terrorism activities.

A week after he had been taken into custody, Black List selected their best troops to infiltrate the island and extract him. However, Global Risk stands guard over the high profile terrorist and would never hand him over without a fight.

Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Warden City is a symmetrical map with two long hallway on each side where most fight happen. There are few barricades, hollow in the walls and two watch towers that can be as cover. The courtyard in the center is wide open, but surprisingly secures most of the time to access the enemy side or simply serves as base to base combat.

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