Transport Ship is a Team Deathmatch map available in CrossFire: Legends.


The UNDPKO, a UN watchdog agency, detected a large suspicious Transport Ship inbound from Russia, Eastern Europe to Nigeria, Africa during their surveillance on the world's illegal weapon exports.

Currently, Nigeria is the only petroleum-producing country in the African Contingent. Recently, they had a conflict towards the Niger Delta Liberation Campaign MEND which the intel said the rebels have active Black List mercenaries to assist them.

Due to this, UNDPKO requested an assist from Global Risk to execute a sudden investigation on the ship. But once the Global Risk team arrived on the ship, they were attacked by the Black List mercenaries there.


The map itself is a large cargo ship with two hulls on each side acting as BL and GR's spawn. Both team can choose to battle it out openly on the ship deck using various containers as covers, or taking a small walkway underneath the ship to the right side of the stacked containers for a surprise attack.

Unlike the PC version, the high vantage point on the stacked containers has been removed so snipers can't take advantage of it anymore.

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