Thunder Cliff is a Zombie Wave map in CF: Legends.

Story[edit | edit source]

GR has been informed that Blitz has been developing a chemical weapon inside a Tower near their Thunder Cliff Base and has been tasked to infiltrate and eliminate the threats. Once arrived at Blitz's station however, they noticed that the place has been overrun by zombies and it's up to them to stop the zombies invasion before it's too late.

Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Blitz's Station[edit | edit source]

This is the starting location where players will spawn with their starting equipment. Turn left and hold off the zombies until their numbers drop, then proceed forward and destroy an Egg Worm that blocked the entrance. Proceed inside and the Spider Knight will reveal itself, taunting GR players via the Intercom. Stop by the Supply Sation to restock or level up, then proceed to the door with the C4 charge. Activate it then protect it from the zombies until it explode and clear then way. Head inside and restock - Datura will inform players about a strange noise, indicating a boss battle is about to happen.

Boss: Phoenix

Thunder Tower[edit | edit source]

On Hard difficulty onward, players will proceed to Thunder Tower after Phoenix has been defeated. Follow the walkway and turn left, climb up a slope and deal with the zombies. Watch out for the blades on the floor and shoot the zombies until their numbers thin out. Quickly rush inside, head down the hall then turn left - this is a heavily guarded corridor with 2 Heavy Zombies that constantly spawn and can drain players' HP very quickly if not attended to fast enough. Destroy the glass door, then proceed through the security checkpoint, avoiding laser beams on the way. Turn left, restock at the Supply Station then open the door to Thunder Tower and proceed to the Elevator.

To the Disposing Plant[edit | edit source]

This is a survival section. The Elevator will stop three times at three floors and the zombies will attack - do your best to clear all of them. At the end of this section, players will arrive at the bottom of the Tower, where they are given 20 seconds to restock before the second boss battle.

Boss: Spider Knight

Launching Pad[edit | edit source]

On Nightmare difficulty, players will arrive at the Launching Pad after beating Spider Knight. Restock one last time, then head down to the altar and prepare to face off the final boss.

Boss: Thunder Angel

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Armsel Striker-Oriental Phoenix (Normal)
  • IAS-Phoenix, Thunder Blade (Hard)
  • IAS-Phoenix, Thunder Blade, Light Blade (Nightmare)
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