Thompson-Frozen Coiling Dragon is a variant of the Thompson featured in CrossFire: Legends.


This gun is the awakened form of the Thompson-Coiling Dragon and it features an exclusive frozen ice layer on its Coiling Dragon skin, plus a mounted Ice Dragon Cannon at the fore grip. Thompson-Frozen Coiling Dragon boasts superior stats comparing to the normal variant with 80 rounds magazine (+20), better firepower, faster firing speed and faster draw/reload time. In addition, the Ice Dragon Cannon can be used to single-shoot an Ice Bomb that explodes on impact and create a hazardous environment for a short period of time which damages all opponents stepped on it (15 HP/sec), making it very effective in crowded space.

In PvE, this gun is equipped with Anti-Zombie ammo that helps dealing extra damage against Zombies, and the Ice Dragon Cannon now hold 9 rounds, allowing it to blast away zombies much more effective.


  • Unlike the RPK-Blazing Coiling Dragon, Thompson-Frozen Coiling Dragon features a more realistic mounted cannon with trigger placed at the fore grip. However, player characters still move their left hand up to hold the cannon when used in Charged mode rather than just pressing the trigger at the fore grip, which is illogical.


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