Thompson is a sub-machine gun featured in CrossFire: Legends.


The Thompson has average firepower and very fast firing rate, and it has the largest magazine among all SMGs, holding 60 rounds in its drum magazine with 120 in reserve. However, it has a long drawing time and reloading time, and its accuracy decreases greatly when spraying for too long, so it's better to do short burst spray to keep the recoil under control.

It's best-known as a 1920's/1930's sub-machine gun. The box-magazine-fed version, as well as the drum-magazine-fed version, was widely used by Allies of WWII. The drum-fed ones are also mostly used by mafias.

This gun is also best used in Mutation Mode and its variant due to its large ammo capacity. Players who prefer mutant hunting can rely on the Thompson's fast ROF, large clip and light-weight to take on the mutants by themselves.


  • Unlike the PC version, the stock Thompson in CF Legends already adapted a new model, which is taken from the Thompson M1928 which utilizes a bigger and heavier knob-styled bolt handle instead the smaller knurled lightweight one, which decreased its rate of fire to approximately 600-725 RPM, although the barrel is strangely unfinned.



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