Specialization Points (SP) are a point system in CF: Legends.


Specialization Points are used to upgrade players' special skills, such as faster reload speed, extended magazine for rifle, sniper rifle, pistol, decrease C4 setup/defuse time, etc... There are three types of Special skills: PvP (excluding Battle Royale), PvE (Zombie Mode and Parkour Mode) and Common (applied to all modes). Upgrading special skills requires players to spend SP and GP for each level - the higher the level, the better that skill will become and more SP/GP will be needed.

Whereas Refinement Points only upgrades specific weapons, Specialization points' upgrades will be applied to all of players' weapons.

Earning Specialization PointsEdit

Players can earn SP by collecting Specialization Points card (from Reward Cards, Ghost Challenge Ticket or awarded via events). SP cards must be used from the Item storage upon obtaining to earn SP, and players may stand a chance to receive double SPs on the card they redeemed.

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