Pyramid is a Team Deathmatch map take place in Egypt, featured in CrossFire: Legends.

This map is actually based on the 2.0 version of Egypt in the PC version.


Pyramid occurs in a large rectangular space, with multiple objects and artifacts in the center. Both spawns are in a smaller rectangular room with three possible ways to get out (anti-camping measure).The teams can exit directly through an open door, or through a longer tunnel which leads them to the other corner of the map. This map is meant for camping and sniping. Egypt also offers a good chance of getting grenade kills, being small map. As strategy to get grenade kills is to wait till everyone else throw the grenades and then you throw yours. This will give you a better chance of getting a kill at the beginning.


An ancient king’s tomb has been found in the sun scalding desert. In the tomb, they’ve found the treasure that’s worth a fortune and has a archaeological worth of it so the relic excavator secretly started to take the king’s treasures into the home country before being protected by international law. And meanwhile, for an excuse of archaeologist and the protection of the remains, they’ve hired the Global Risk and even took the treasure behind the Global Risks back. The country that possesses the relics has noticed this fact, has asked for the opening of the tomb and to give the excavation list but was refused. So the country has hired the Black List to prevent treasures going to other countries. The one who wakes the king will be damned. Does the phrase of curse from the king’s tomb calling blood?

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