Mutation Terminator is a variant of the Mutation Mode in CF: Legends.


This mode brings two change into the game: Mutant side now has a Terminator that appears alongside the host Mutants once the countdown reaches 0 - he has longer attack range, can see soldiers through wall, and a Bulletproof Shield (special skill) that helps reduce damage taken and knock back effect, making him very dangerous when engaging in closed quarter combat. Mutants will respawn instantly and indefinitely when killed, they will only die permanently when killed by melee weapons.

Soldiers now start with 240% attack power boost, each solder infected will increase this number by 10%. Once it reaches 340%, survival soldiers can turn into Commando / Nemesis (Either automatically or tapping the Transform button). Commando / Nemesis starts with 7000 HP and can't be infected, they can only be killed.


  • Terminator won't lose evolutions upon killed, so it will always have high HP.
  • Bulletproof skill is usable every 15 seconds. Remember to save it for tough to reach defensive line.
  • Use secondary attack to punch through Mutation Vest protection, as it's a double attack and has a better range than the primary attack.
  • Backward jump helps when dealing with massive gunfire.

Commando / NemesisEdit

  • Choose Melee (Dual Kukri / Dual Axe) when you're more comfortable at hack 'n slash. Choose Blunderbuss-Dragon for better attacking range, but remember that you're vulnerable while reloading (Suitable for parkouring players).
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