M4A1-S Predator is a VIP variant of the M4A1-Silencer featured in CrossFire: Legends.


The M4A1-S Predator is a special VVIP weapon based on the M4A1. This gun has a transparent body so the inner parts of the weapon can be seen. It also has a modified carrying handle and a silencer. This weapon uses 5.56x45mm NATO for its ammunition.

Being a specialized assault rifle against the mutants, M4A1-S Predator features two important perks exclusive to HM/HMX - it has 50 rounds capacity (150 in reserve), allowing players to hold off mutants much more effective. This gun also allows players to jump higher (same level with Mutants) so they don't have to double jump to reach high ledges anymore. Finally, it receives a 30% damage boost against mutants (Stackable with in-match damage boost), making this gun quite dangerous for hunters.

VVIP EffectsEdit

If in possession, the owner will be granted with the following buffs:

  • Fast reloading speed.
  • Buttplate Melee.
  • 50 rounds magazine in Mutation Modes & variants (Cannot be stacked).
  • Higher jump at all Mutation Modes.
  • 30% damage boost against Mutants (Stackable with in-match boost).
  • Increased (+2) ammo capacity on all equipped assault rifles.
  • 200% EXP for the owner.
  • 30% EXP for all players in the room (incl. the owner).
  • 20% GP for all players in the room (incl. the owner).


  • Unlike its PC counterpart, the M4A1-S Predator in CFL receives damage bonus against mutants so it can be used effectively in Hero Mode when there's no damage boost at the start of the match.
  • Like the Barrett and Desert Eagle-Havoc, this gun can be obtained by collecting 60 Fragment pieces via its Lootboxes in the Item Shop.


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