M4A1-Grenade Launcher is an assault rifle variant of M4A1-Silencer in CF: Legends.


M4A1-Grenade Launcher is a camouflage version of M4A1-Silencer with enhanced ammunition capacity and full wallbang, plus it comes with a functional grenade launcher, which can shoot a single grenade that explode on impact. The grenade deals the same damage with a basic Grenade, 100 HP on direct hit or close blast, and reduced to 70 when the target is too far.


  • This is one of the earliest weapon that features functional attachments in CF: Legends.
  • Although players never get any spare ammo for the Grenade Launcher, it's possible to see its reload animation by playing Tower Defense (Where the gun will have infinite spare ammo, including its grenade launcher module).


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