M4A1 is one of the basic Assault Rifles available in CF: Legends


This gun is fairly popular as it has decent accuracy, fairly low recoil and moderate damage but has a slower draw/reload time than AK47. Overall, M4A1 is a great gun for beginners, is good for almost any situation and is available as default weapon. Medium range is the strength of the M4A1 because of its decent accuracy and medium recoil. Bursting may be required at long range; single shots over long distances hit well. All in all, the M4A1 is a reliable weapon with decent stats and not entirely obsoleted by higher-ranked weapons. The M4A1 has good rate of fire and is effective at close range. 

Advantages Edit

  • High accuracy
  • Purchasable in Item Shop for GPs
  • Medium recoil
  • Controllable spray pattern

Disadvantages Edit

  • Low damage compared to AK47
  • Very loud
  • Accuracy gets worse when sprayed
  • Slow draw/reload speed



  • Like the AK47, this gun is now part of the default weapon set and all players earn it for free upon creating account. It's still available in the Item Shop however.


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