M16 is one of a basic Rifle in CF: Legends

Overview Edit

The M16 has low damage for a rifle and usually requires 4 shots to the chest to kill. This is not easy to do because of the M16's lack of stability. The recoil is random and even when single-shooting, the weapon may occasionally kick diagonally upwards. The weapon has a slow rate of fire and is often defeated by SMGs in close combat.

The M16 is a good training weapon, teaching players to be more patient and make their shots count. However, the M16 fails at practical use and is outclassed by every other rifle in game. Fortunately, if used with enough skill & determination, M16 can easily defeat some famous guns such as AK47.

Spray at close range, burst or single shot at medium range, single shot at long range. Firing while crouching is recommended to further stabilize the weapon. Spraying while crouching usually gets at least the first 2 shots to hit the enemy. Never spray at longer ranges, as the recoil is random and tends to shoot diagonally when spraying.

Advantages Edit

  • Easy to control.
  • Better power than M4A1.
  • Fast drawing speed.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Medium recoil.
  • Medium reload time.
  • Low firing speed than M4A1.


  • Unlike the PC version, players do not get access to M16 by default in CF: Legends, but rather it has to be obtained via Item Shop or Weapon Fragments.
  • This gun can be sold in CF Legends since it's in the Green tier.


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