Kukri is a melee weapon featured in CrossFire: Legends.

Overview Edit

The Kukri is the signature weapon of the Nepalese Gurkha forces under the command of the British Army. It is also one of the most popular melee weapons in Crossfire.

The primary attack is a quick slash that kills in two hits to the body or one hit to the head. Its secondary attack is a more dangerous slash, guaranteeing an instant kill on enemy soldiers. Also due to its wide angle horizontal sweep, it can take down multiple enemies at once.

The Kukri is considered as one of the most effective melee weapons as it can take multiple enemies. Its rival is the Keris, which has one of the longest range melee attacks in CF (behind the Field Shovel and Thunder Blade).


Dual KukriEdit

The Dual Kukri is a special variant only used by Super Hero/Ranger in Mutation Terminator that deals massive damages to mutants. Its primary attack is two quick slashes, which can take weak mutants. The secondary attack is a crossed slash with both Kukris, which is extremely powerful as it could instantly kill any mutants with a headshot.


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