Kriss Super V is a submachine gun featured in CrossFire: Legends.


The Kriss Super V has high accuracy and slightly powerful in its class. It can be fired continuously without losing the accuracy due its low recoil. The reloading speed is fairly fast like the other SMGs.

Since it uses .45 ACP with high rate of fire, Kriss Super V is very deadly at close range. Its accuracy starts to decrease if against targets in medium range but decreases greatly against long range targets with also decreased damage, so players need to manage wisely when using this SMG for mid to long range.

This gun can mount several attachments in Battle Royale Mode, including red dot sight scope, Flash Hider and Compensator.


  • Very deadly if sprayed at close range.
  • Moderate damage for a SMG class.
  • Very light for running, almost like moving around with a Knife.
  • Holographic sight for long distance snipe.


  • Loses accuracy at mid-to-long range.
  • Depletes ammo faster.
  • Unstable recoil on sloped surfaces.



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