Jingu Bang is a melee weapon featured in CrossFire: Legends


This melee weapon features a simple staff model with yellow-brown-black color scheme like the weapons of the Sun WuKong WS. It's held by both hand across the screen rather than at one side.

Jingu Bang has a moderately fast primary attack, while the secondary attack performs a frontal downward club which takes some time to execute. Mastering this move allows players to surprise other opponents easily given the long reach of the Jingu Bang.


  • This is the only weapon in the Sun WuKong WS to not have Sun WuKong in its name. Game files identifies it as "Power Stick-(Sun) WuKong however.
  • The Jingu Bang is classified as part of the Sun WuKong WS, evident by its weapon set mark and the unlocked effects on primary weapons, whereas its counterpart on the PC version is not treated as such.


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