Items are functional items that players can equip to gain small boost in PvP and PvE modes. Certain items can only be used in specific game modes, while some have global effects.

List of ItemsEdit

Items Icon Descritpion
Bulletproof Helmet Helmetac Reduce 25% damage to the head
Bulletproof Vest Bodyac Reduce 25% damage to the body
C4 Kit C4kit Decrease defuse/set up C4 time in Demolition match
Bag 1 Bag1 Unlock Bag 1
Bag 2 Bag2 Unlock Bag 2
Bag 3 Bag3 Unlock Bag 3
Bag 4 Bag4 Unlock Bag 4
Mag (AR) Riflemag +1 ammo mag for AR weapons
Mag (Sniper) Snipermag +1 ammo mag for Sniper Rifles
Mag (SMG) Smgmag +1 ammo mag for SMGs
Mag (Shotgun) Shotgunmag +1 ammo mag for Shotguns
Mag (LMG) Mgmag +1 ammo mag for LMGs
Mag (Pistol) Pistolmag +1 ammo mag for Pistols
Megaphone Loanho Allow chatting on the Global Channel
Rename Card Thedoiten Allow players to rename their IGN
EXP Card Theexp Increase received EXP after each match
GP Card Thegp Increase GP received after each match


Items Icon Descritpion
Specialization Points SpecializationPoint Give players Specialization Points
Refinement Points RefinementPoint Give players Refinement Points
Coiling Dragon Awaken Stones AS CoilingDragon Used to awake RPK-Coiling Dragon
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