Mode Hero
Hero Mode is a Mutation Mode in CF: Legends.


The Human side received a big help from the newly awakened Hero character, armed with a powerful FAL-Camo with large magazine and grenade launcher to blow away mutants easier. However, Mutants are now immune to permanent death unless killed by a headshot, and they gain the ability to evolve just by taking damage.

Human now have the ability to increase attacking power by eliminating mutant, each one killed with increase the whole team's attacking power by 20% to a maximum of 100% (double firepower), making killing mutants easier.


  • Excavation (10 or 16 players)
  • Resort (10 or 16 players)
  • Darkness Villa
  • Rooftop


  • Because all players in Hero Mode are on GR side, the Hero character adapts a new GR model found on the GR Commando instead of his old "BL" model from the PC version.
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