The FAL-Camo (AKA FAL-Custom Camo) is a special assault rifle available in CrossFire: Legends.


FAL-Camo is a camouflage version of FN FAL with enhanced ammo capacity (Holding a much bigger magazine than the default 30 rounds), plus functional grenade launcher. It shares the same stats with FAL Custom but has a different HUD, slightly closed FOV that disallows view of character's right hand. It also uses unique animations that's not found on the FN FAL.


  • The FAL-Camo gets an ammo boost by default, up to 60/900 rounds, but its Grenade Launcher doesn't get this boost so players will have to equip Rifle Mag to increase Grenade capacity.
  • This gun is currently glitched and shares sound effects with the M4A1 rather than having its own sounds. Because of this, the draw and reload sounds are out of sync.


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