Exotic City is a Demolition map located in Ankara in CrossFire: legends.


Located in the heart of Anatolia, Ankara is the capital of Turkey, Republic of 'Ataturk'. Unlike Yenisehir, which is a modern city, Ulus featuring ancient buildings and narrow streets of ancient times which gives the uniqueness of Turkey. There was no laughter of children in this city, only sounds are scattered in every shot the narrow streets of the crowded buildings. Some areas have been devastated by the attack Blacklist. Only a few of those in the Palace Ankara Ulus and fight to preserve remaining Globalrisk and Turkish military base. Elite troops of the Global Risk will soon come to help. However, we are not sure whether it can survive until they come. A day earlier, the Turkish Government informed about the new Drugs trafficking in Ankara. Based on the report, Drugs are sold in gas form. Global Risk Turkish government asks for help and wipe out the syndicate. However, they observed that it was not Drugs gaseous, but rather the latest lethal chemical weapons. Worse, it turns out Blacklist behind all this mess. Mop-up operation the GR itself a success, but long tails with acts of revenge from the Blacklist. The battle is still going on till now without any sign of truce.

Black ListEdit

Destroy the bomb site. The Black list (BL) soldiers start off in a wide open spot in the very southern end of the map. There are two big paths leading them through the map with the startpoint in their spawn. They can run straight up on the stairs through the middle of the map or turn left and go to the A bomb site. The other path is at the right of their spawnpoint and leads them to the B bomb site.

Global RiskEdit

Secure the bomb site. The Global Risk (GR) soldiers start off in a garage. Inside, there are indications to the bomb sites which they must defend in order to win the round.

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