Excavation is a Mutation Mode & variants map sets within the depth of an excavation site as a lost city was discovered.

This map support 10 or 16 players.

Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Excavation takes place inside a dig site with various tools and props left behind which soldiers must take advantage of to survive the mutants infection. The center of the map features a large pyramid-like structure with three levels, while the north side houses an Altar and some ledges, accessible via jumping a set of platforms. There's a cage to the left with some containers that soldiers can defend on the top, and the right side houses some more boxes that lead to a ledge which can provide a good defensive point as long as mutants don't jump down to it from the pyramid. The back of the site has some tombstones and some stairs, useful for players to evade mutants' attack.

Unlike the PC version, this map does not feature the house from inside.

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