Desperado-S8 is a pair of quadruple barrel sawed-off shotguns in CrossFire: Legends.


This gun was created to celebrate the miracle comeback of AG team during the CFPL-M2017 Final Round. It's a variant of the Dual Desperado, a pair of compact shotguns that offer eight shots in total. It has better accuracy than both SPAS-12 and XM1014, but has a lower firing speed and is less powerful than the SPAS-12.

It's unable to reload cancel due to its break-action nature, but 8 rounds capacity is adequate enough for players to take on 2-3 opponents between reloads.


  • Medium to high damage dealing.
  • Medium to high accuracy.
  • Medium recoil.
  • Fast reloading time.


  • Damage loses on long range.
  • Slow rate of fire.
  • Unable to do a reload cancel, since it is a full reload.
  • Wide shell spreading.
  • Cannot be fired while reloading.


  • Like the M37-Ghetto, Desperado-S8 has no stock variant in CF: Legends.


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