Desert Eagle-Havoc is a variant of the Desert Eagle featured in CF: Legends.


This is the first secondary VVIP weapon released, a unique Desert Eagle variant with the same Born Beast skin as the Barrett-Havoc and comes with a tactical dagger. As a VVIP gun, it features benefits for both wielder and other players in the same room.

The DE-Havoc has greater power, faster rate-of-fire, faster draw speed, and a faster reload time (on pair with the DE Camo) than the regular Desert Eagle. The magazine capacity is 11 rounds with 44 rounds in reserve.

The secondary attack swings the dagger upward for a quick stab. It is as powerful and fast as the M4A1-S Transformers attack, but possesses very short range (needs to be practically next to the target).

The gun's draw animation consists of the character swinging his/her dagger and gun at the same time across the screen, slaying any foe that is in the way. (it has the same range as the secondary slash)


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