Crossroads (TDM) is a Team Deathmatch map in CrossFire: Legends.


Progress at the secret base for the nuclear submarine Aigis has been reported to the command centers of both mercenary corporations. Per urgent request for support troops, both companies dispatch soldiers to the secret base. Rivals never fail to meet each other whether by coincidence or not.

The troops of both companies who rushed to the base to support their team face each other at the sewer treatment facility of the sub base. Support troops of each mercenary company fight to reduce the numbers of the enemy before they enter the base. Which one of the two will make it into the secret base for Aigis?


This map is shaped like a square, divided by 4 sub sections (A to D) and a center area. There's 4 tall silos, thus creating the intersection and there's highways on the sides. The center is filled with sewage water, which can be used to track nearby enemies unless they shift walk.

In TDM, this map has been upgraded with more elements to suit its fast-paced theme, namely some boxes on the left side, a passageway that both side can jump onto and snipe down the cross road's intersection, and two ledge on the left silo with some boxes to jump onto, providing snipers a good vantage point over the center of the map.

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