Crater is a map in Zombie Mode, up to 4 players can play together.


This map is the same with Crater on the PC version, but it's more detailed and with darker textures along with some changes, notably the lack of the car wrecks near the center, two mounted Machine Gun that replaces the Gatling Gun Turrets, and there are more ammo stations around the map (Three at the bottom and one on the second floor).

The difficulty has been adjusted to suit mobile gameplay nature - there are now only 9 rounds in all difficulty, and players will face off the boss Heavy Titan at the end of Round 9.

Hard & Nightmare DifficultyEdit

On these difficulties, players will face off an additional boss: Sandman, at the end of Round 6. In addtion, once Heavy Titan is killed, a helicopter will fly players to the top of some building nearby and they will face off the Giant Titan, an exclusive boss in this version. He behaves more or less the same on both Hard and Nightmare, except a few deadlier attacks presented in the NM difficulty to give players harder time.


  • BC-Axe Beast
  • Titan Fist
  • Gatling
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