CheyTac M200 is a high caliber sniper rifle featured in CrossFire: Legends.

Overview Edit

CheyTac M200 is the second silenced sniper rifle in Crossfire: Legends after the AWM-Silencer. It comes with a 7-round magazine (21 in reserve) and two-level zoom scope, just like most bolt action sniper rifles, though the second zoom does higher zoom than other rifles. It has a moderately fast draw/reload speed, although bolt cycling speed is still slow.

The CheyTac M200 features full wallbang damage like the Barrett. It also has a camo skin with unique scope design. Uniquely, this gun is the first sniper rifle equipped with stabilizing device which causes no accuracy lost when taking damage while zoomed in.

On some occasions, this gun only deals 87-99 damage around lower torso to the feet, and thus may put the user in danger if his target manages to survive and return fire. This maybe a balance toward its advantages.


  • Very high accuracy (even from long ranges).
  • Very high damage dealing.
  • Decent magazine capacity (7/35).
  • Double scope phase.
  • Fast drawing speed.
  • Fast reloading speed.
  • Full wallbang.
  • Stabilizer device (which causes no lack of accuracy whilst player take damage when zoomed in).
  • Quiet firing noise due to suppressor.


  • Relatively slow bolt-cycling speed.
  • Sometimes only deals 87-99 damage.
  • Very heavy.

Variants Edit


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