Mode BigHeadHero
Big Head Hero is a FFA game mode in CF: Legends.


This mode is basically Team Deathmatch combined with Big Head, but players will evolve through 5 phrases as they rack up kills, gaining more HP per level so they can't be killed very easily, and at the fifth phrase, players can transform into Commando wielding Dual Kukri. Players killed by Commando can't respawn, and likewise Commando can't respawn once killed, regardless of by other enemies' commando or by firearms.

The faster players turn into Commando, the more HP they will have, up to 3500 HP. A late transformation usually result in players having only 2000 HP.

Unlike TDM, Big Head Hero progresses through matches rather than kill, in best of 3 format - first team to win 2 rounds win the game (Although in the case of 2-0, the third round will still be played).

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