AA-12 Inferno Hellfire is a variant of the AA-12 in CrossFire: Legends.


This gun is the Awakened version of the AA-12 Hellfire, featuring a new Gold-plated red skin and an angled grip, increasing its stability. This gun has improved draw/reload speed and a slightly bigger magazine (27 vs. 25 on Hellfire).

In PvE mode, AA-12 Inferno Hellfire features a special Rapid Fire Mode, in which players can empty the entire magazine in a few seconds with great accuracy, very effective against large targets like Bosses. However, the firepower is halved and this skill takes a very long time to recharge, unlike the MSG90-Inferno Beast. Also, Rapid Fire Mode will use up whatever amount of ammo left in the magazine, so players should always reload before activating this skill for maximize effect.


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